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Something is ‘deeply wrong’ with America’s president: ‘Glassy-eyed and not really there’


America is in the midst of a complicated problem where the media doesn’t want to admit something is “deeply wrong” with US President Joe Biden, but the people know there is, the New York Post’s Karol Markowicz says.

“When the president is unwell, I think it’s obvious to everybody, and it creates a very emperor has no clothes situation where we all know what’s going on, but nobody’s talking about it,” she told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“The media doesn’t want to admit that something is deeply, deeply wrong with the American president.

“The rest of us know that there is.”

Ms Markowicz said Mr Biden is kept at a distance from the media and, generally, microphones – pointing to the fear of gaffes the president makes.

“We don’t hear from the president very often; it’s very rare that he talks to the American people, it’s very rare that he answers questions from the press,” she said.

“All of that is tied into the fact they’re afraid of him making these kinds of gaffes.

“If he seemed more with it, we would just kind of talk it up, to like ‘oh he misspoke’, but because he seems too confused and sort of glassy-eyed and not really there, we kind of know that these aren’t just basic misspeaks.

“This isn’t a typical ‘the president just speaks all the time to the media, and this time he messed up’.

“It’s because he so rarely speaks to the media that we know what a big deal this is.”Read More

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