PUBG’s 10.3 Patch Is Live On PC Test Servers, Patch Notes Revealed


The for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is live now for PC players. This patch is expanding Season 10 with new features including a new Weapons Sound Selection System, lighting improvements for Karakin, and team emotes, alongside additional performance upgrades.

Now players can choose between the original and remastered versions of certain weapons with the new Weapons Sound Selection System, including the M249, M416, Kar98k, and SKS. You can set this to your preference in the Settings menu under the Audio tab.

The overall quality of the lighting for Karakin has been improved with a lighting pass. Each area has had its lighting enhanced to give it its own distinctive vibe. Other bugs have also been fixed, improving player experience.

Certain emotes can now be used together with your teammates while playing. You’ll now be able to sync up eligible emotes with teammates within a 15 meter radius of your character. You can check out each emote and see how many players can sync-up with you by accessing the Customization section of the main menu and selecting the Emotes section.

The reputation system that was introduced in has also been updated. Now if a player exits a match in the starting area prior to boarding the plane, it will not negatively impact their reputation. This is only applicable to normal games, not Ranked ones.

PUBG 10.3 Patch Notes

Squad Emotes

  • Sync-up your emotes with players within a 15 meter radius of your character in game or in the lobby.
    • You can choose to stop emoting at any time, independent of the person who had initiated the emotes.
    • Free-look camera is supported while emoting in TPP only.
  • View each emote and the maximum number of players who can sync-up with you at once under Customization, Emotes, on the main menu.
  • You’re unable to use other interactions while emoting, such as vaulting or picking up item

Weapon Sound Selection System

Supported Weapons:

Select your preference from the Settings Menu, under the Audio tab.

Karakin Lighting Improvements

Karakin has received a major lighting tune up raising visibility and enhancing the atmosphere. Other additional improvements have been made to the map to improve playability.

Kicking AFK Players in Training Mode

  • Much like in TDM, players who are AFK in Training Mode will be removed from the session, with a 10 second warning prior to removal.
    • Players will receive a message after being kicked, to let you know why you’ve been removed.
  • Players who are AFK in Training Mode after queuing for Ranked with our Dual Matchmaking will be removed from the Training Mode session, but remain in their Ranked queue.

Improved Store Experience

We’ve made a few changes to the store to make in game shopping a more intuitive experience.

  • Improved G-Coin messaging on purchases to ensure players understand the value of their G-Coin purchase.
    • Previously, any bonus G-Coin was bundled into one G-Coin total. Now, bonus G-Coin is also displayed as an independent figure.
  • Added Currency Filter
    • You can sort and browse the items by BP or G-Coin.

Season 10 is Wrapping Up

Haven will only be around until the end of Season 10 so get your close quarters fix while you can!

Survivor Pass Schedule

Survivor Pass: Breakthrough comes to an end on March 24. You still have two weeks from that point to claim all your rewards and access the coupon shop. Although, you’ll no longer be able to purchase or use Level-Up Tokens, purchase the Premium Survivor Pass, or complete missions from that date.

  • March 23, 7 PM PDT
  • March 24, 11 AM KST
  • March 24, 3 AM CET

Reputation System Update

The Reputation System introduced is one of our newest features, designed to encourage positive player interactions within the community. We have received lots of player feedback and a common trend we’re seeing is that some players feel certain penalties are too harsh.

We heard your concerns and are making the following changes with Update 10.3:

  • Normal Matches: Exiting a match while in the starting area, prior to boarding the plane will NOT negatively impact your reputation.
  • Ranked Matches: You will lose reputation for exiting Ranked Matches, even if exiting while in the starting area prior to the plane leaving. There are some exceptions, which you can read below.
    • You can leave a Ranked Match up to 5 minutes after (but not before) the plane has taken off without losing reputation, in situations where matchmaking has provided you with a random teammate who has then exited the match.
    • Additionally, the same applies if matchmaking fails to provide you with at least one random teammate after queuing for Ranked Squads.

Performance Enhancements

Here’s a rundown of the latest updates we made to improve performance.

  • Improved performance for low core count CPUs.
  • Optimized the pipeline for lighting calculation methods to improve performance.
  • Improved CPU performance by processing both character animation and vehicle physics calculations in parallel.
  • Improved memory optimization of character models through memory cache optimization.
  • Improved memory and processing optimization cost.
  • Optimized CPU/GPU performance with improved character creation/deletion logic.
  • Optimizations have been made so that objects such as furniture and stairs, can be viewed normally while ADS even at medium/long distances.

Items and Skins

  • Victory Dance 39
  • Slow-dodge
  • Victory Dance 40
    • Sales Period
      • 2/10 2021 11 AM KST – 2/22 2022 11 AM KST
      • 2/9 2021 6 PM PST – 2/21 2022 6 PM PST
      • 2/10 2021 3 AM CET – 2/22 2022 3 AM CET

Red Hood and Big Bad Skins – February 13, 11 AM KST – March 13, 11 AM KST

    • Red’s Scar
    • Red’s Hood
    • Red’s Jeans
    • Red’s Gloves
    • Red’s Boots
    • Big Bad’s Hood
    • Big Bad’s Jeans
    • Big Bad’s Boots
  • Bloodlust Weapon Skins
    • Bloodlust – SKS
    • Bloodlust – Vector
  • Emotes
    • Victory Dance 41
    • Victory Dance 42

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue where sometimes respawns wouldn’t work correctly in TDM.
  • Fixed a clipping issue when Racy Reindeer Top and Lv. 2 Vest is equipped at the same time.
  • Fixed a clipping issue when a female character equips Sinister Skull Mask and PGI.S Hood.
  • Fixed a clipping issue when a female character equips Gen.g Jersey and Madsy Utility Belt.
  • Fixed the issue where the female character’s hair disappears when wearing Shiba Crew Hood Jersey and a hat.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when Christmas Party Jacket clips with the main weapon.
  • Fixed the issue where reporting a player in Custom Match – Observer didn’t function.
  • Fixed an issue where the livestream displays wouldn’t function correctly with certain PC configurations.
  • Fixed an issue where the video on livestream displays would stop working correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where when using a controller, the r-stick and d-pad on didn’t scroll or change focus when navigating the inventory in certain occasions.
  • Fixed the issue where certain vehicle parts were sticking out too low onto the ground.


  • Fixed an issue with an out-of-date Key Guide on the loading screen.
  • Fixed the issue where when selecting Emotes in the menu, the wrong sound effect played.
  • Fixed an issue where the size of a character in the PASS 10-2 loading screen was too large.
  • Fixed a translation setting issue for Japanese in the Reputation System.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering didn’t work when entering a banned word after pressing [CTRL] + [Backspace] before entering chat.
  • Fixed the issue where other players’ reputation levels were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of daily/weekly missions did not match the actual number of missions.
  • Fixed the issue where the previous season points are incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon icon in use was displayed as a steering wheel when the observer is watching a player who is shooting while driving.
  • Fixed the issue where certain nicknames are displayed in the wrong position when the observer zooms in on the map.
  • Fixed the issue where the visible/invisible hat icons in the inventory weren’t aligned correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the Hero section in the News Page wasn’t displayed properly under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the issue where the attachment UI disappears when switching back and forth fast between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat in a vehicle with the inventory window open.

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