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Phobia of the Day: Zuigerphobia


A phobia is an anxiety disorder involving excessive and persistent fear of a situation or object. Exposure to the source of the fear triggers an immediate anxiety response.

Most specific phobias fall into one of four major categories:

Fears of the natural environment

Fears related to animals

Fear related to medical treatments or issues

Fears related to specific situations

Phobia of the Day: Zuigerphobia is the fear of vacuum cleaners, and is a specific phobia.

A specific phobia is an irrational, yet excessive fear of a particular object.

This type of phobia creates an immediate anxiety response, often causing the person to avoid the object whenever possible.

This week’s phobias:

Monday, 5 December

Tuesday, 6 December

Wednesday, 7 December

Thursday, 8 December

Friday, 9 December

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Do you have a phobia you suffer from that you’d like to share?

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