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Penny Wong to visit Fiji ahead of Chinese foreign minister’s Pacific tour


Foreign Minister Penny Wong is jetting straight to Fiji for a two-day visit following the Quad summit in Japan – as China’s foreign minister is also expected to be touring the Pacific around the same time.

Ms Wong is heading straight to Fiji for a two-day visit, meeting with the Pacific nation’s prime minister and foreign minister.

She is also expected to deliver a speech later in the week.

Sky News Political Reporter Trudy McIntosh said the timing of this is “incredibly significant”.

“The timing of this visit is incredibly significant given the geopolitical tensions in the region, particularly in the Solomon Islands in relation to that newly inked security deal between Beijing and Honiara,” she said.

“The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is expected to embark on an eight-country visit throughout the Pacific in the next few days.

“He’s expected to arrive either tonight or tomorrow in Honiara – so the timing of Penny Wong also being the region is really significant.”Read More

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