oman Who Was Attacked At Harlem Liquor Store Speaks Out Following The Arrest Of One Of Her Suspected Attackers (Updatez)


Taylor Mariie, the woman who was senselessly beat on January 18th after she refused advances of men inside a Harlem liquor store, has spoken out following the arrest of one of the suspects, Tyrone Cooper. Taylor shared a lengthy message today on Instagram thanking the detectives and her supporters.

Taylor wrote, “Words cannot express my extreme gratitude for every one who assisted in helping to apprehend this individual whether it was re-posting, sharing, or doing your own investigations. I am extremely grateful! While there is still work to be done to get the other two suspects, I hope that with the continued help of the detective, the public, the media, my family, and friends, all parties will be caught and justice will be served!”

She continued, “From the moment it happened, I was never angry nor full of hate as most would have expected me to be. That is just not me. I’m a lover and positive. I’m a lover of positive vibes and good energy, and I continue to be. I was more disgusted, confused, and hurt not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. I couldn’t and still cannot understand for the life of me why so much rage? Why so much anger? And why towards me?”

Taylor ended the post by writing that she may never know the truth behind the attack, but she made peace with the situation. We recently reported that many people gathered at the Harlem liquor store where Taylor was attacked to show support. Taqee Bond, who caught the act on tape, can be heard saying we need to protect Black women. The Roommates gave Taylor many kind remarks. One commented, “She’s strong. I love it!!! I wish you well, dear lady!” Another commented, “We got you, sis!”

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One Suspect Has Been Arrested Following The Attack Of A Black Woman At A Harlem Liquor Store (Update)

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