Nelly Responds After St. Lunatics Member Ali Calls Him Out & Claims That He Hustled The Group


It looks like St. Lunatics member Ali felt some type of way, and earlier this week he took to his Instagram to basically call out Nelly for what he says was an act of hustling their former group the St. Lunatics.

Now we all know back in the day when Nelly dropped he was also rolling around with his groups the St. Lunatics. However, Ali said he started the group and taught the members how to rhyme. He continued to say that when they dropped their record “Gimme What You Got,” that he was offered a deal following its success, but he turned it down because he said they came as a package.

He then touched on when Mase’s manager got into the mix, and apparently, that’s when things started to go left. “He wanted Nelly and City Spud. They left with Cudda (went to Harlem),” said Ali. “The separation became the reality…They had left !!! We(The rest of the group) felt ‘HUSTLED’….we were *1 until The opportunity was presented to be *2..they hustled us!!”

Yesterday, Nelly made a visit to “What Up Doe Radio,” and told his entire side of the story, and how the group basically made it to where they are today, which is basically no longer together.

During his interview, Nelly claims that Ali wasn’t even a part of the Lunatics when it originally started, but a part of management. Nonetheless, he became a member of the group as we all know. He then starts to break down his side of how he was the member pushed to the forefront, how he fought for everyone to get deals when he was the only one offered a record deal, his attempt to bring everyone together for the 20th anniversary of “Country Grammar,” and more.

When asked why he stayed around long enough if things were bad, Nelly said, “It was never that bad then in the position you in right now. I’m not counting nobody’s money, I don’t know what nobody’s doing.I thought the Lunatic’s show was going to bring us at least to…”

He proceeded to explain that the last time he spoke to Ali was when he was preparing for his “Verzuz” battle against Ludacris.


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