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Joe Biden like a ‘doddering grandfather’ to Kim Jong-un


North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un has a “strange relationship” with a US President who looks more and more like his “doddering grandfather,” says Business columnist Terry McCrann.

It comes as the US President wrapped up his visit to South Korea on Sunday with a short-and-sharp message for the Korean dictator to the north.

“Hello,” the president said when asked what message he had for Kim Jong-un.


Mr McCrann said the less Mr Biden says, “the better”, while remarking how Kim Jong-un would have a “strange” relationship with the leader of the free world.

“I guess Kim Jong-un would be rather puzzled by the change in presidents,” Mr McCrann told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“He sort of formed a father-son relationship of some weirdness with the previous president, president Trump.

“And now he’s got a very strange relationship with somebody who looks more and more like his doddering grandfather.”Read More

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