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It is ‘only a good thing’ that Australia is ‘back talking’ with China


Hawker Britton Managing Director Simon Banks says the fact Australia is “back talking” with the Chinese after two years is only a good thing.

“Now, how quickly we break the impasse, how quickly that leads to something substantive, particularly on the trade front – where obviously a number of our sectors have been unfairly punished by the Chinese – we’ll have to see,” Mr Banks told Sky News Australia.

“And it will be fascinating to see, for example, whether the Chinese agree to meet with the new Trade Minister Don Farrell over in Europe as part of the discussions that are taking place over there.”

It comes after Defence Minister Richard Marles sat down for a discussion with his Chinese counterpart on the sideline of a security summit in Singapore.

Mr Marles and Chinese Defence Minister General Wei Fenghe held a one-hour meeting at the Shangri-La Defence Summit in Singapore on Sunday where each raised concerns amid rising tensions over the Indo-Pacific.Read More

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