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India v England: second Test, day two – live!


5.00am GMT

2nd over: England 1-1 (Burns 0, Sibley 1) A scrambled single off Ashwin’s last ball is the best part of the over for England. Sibley does well to survive after propping forwards with hard hands and the ball falls a fingernail short of Kohli at leg slip.

4.58am GMT

1st over: England 0-1 (Burns 0, Sibley 0) A huge crowd roar as Ishant moves those long legs from the top of his mark, and an even louder one as he dismisses Burns. Yet another uncomfortable position for Dan Lawrence to walk into . He keeps out the first two deliveries then prods the last, which took off from the pitch as Ishant tumbles over in his follow-through. Don’t adjust your sets!

“Truly inspired decision by Pant to grab a single off the first ball of Stone’s decisive over,” snorts Brian Withington. “Maybe England could go for a left field hire and employ him to help with setting a field against his own batting?”

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