How to make traditional chapman at home


How-Tos is a content series at Pulse that teaches stuff to make your life easier. On this episode, we are teaching you how to make Chapman at home.

There is the traditional Chapman and the Nigerian Chapman. The ingredients for both are similar but not the same.

Chapman is a relaxing drink {shoprite}

Nigerians love Chapman. They is usually a Chapman flavoured drink made by most Nigerian beverage companies.

It is also a delicious drink for those who are not into strong alcoholic drinks.


SpriteFantaOrange juiceLime juiceA dash of angostura bittersA dash of grenadine juiceDiced cucumberIce

How to make Chapman

Fill a bowl with ice

Mix sprite, Fanta, orange juice in a big bowl

Add Grenadine juice

Add a dash of angostura bitters

Put in the diced cucumber

Add lime juice

Chapman is ready

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