How to live like a local when you travel


When you visit a new destination, it is important that you try to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn to live like them to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb.

Travelling broadens our horizons and teaches us about how other people live around the world. Although there’s nothing wrong with just being a tourist, blending in will do you a lot of good. It makes it easier to get around and learn more about the way of life of the people and makes your trip more memorable.

Here are some tips to help you blend in and live like a local when you travel to a new destination:

1) Learn the language basics

The ability to communicate with locals is very important if you want to enjoy your trip. You should make efforts to learn the basics of their local language. You don’t need to be fluent in the language, you can just learn basic words like please, thank you, and hello.

Those everyday words will make it easier to break the ice with the locals and also help you in getting around.

2. Try the local cuisine

Another way to behave like a local is by trying out their traditional dishes. There are many incredible local foods to try out at your destination. The locals will be more than eager to share the meals they are most proud of with you.

3. Participate in local activities

Before you travel to a destination, look into what type of activities the destination is known for and try to participate in some of them. If your destination is known for a particular festival or carnival, make sure to participate when you visit.

4. Use public transport to get around

It is always easier to hop in a convenient taxi or Uber, but it is not as rewarding as using the local means of transportation. Join locals on trains, metros, rickshaws, cycles, trams, and buses.

This will not only help you save money but also help you immerse yourself in the everyday life of your destination. Public transport is also perfect for people-watching. You enjoy the ride and also observe how the people around you live. You also learn to blend in with the crowd and feel more like a local yourself.

5. Make friends with the local

This is a surefire way to feel like a local. Interact with them, show interest in their way of life, ask them about the things that matter to them, and ask them to show you around. You can even employ the service of a local tour guide to help you with your tours and guide you around.

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