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Douglas Murray blasts ‘demasculinised’ men watching woman get assaulted on NYC subway


Author Douglas Murray has blasted male bystanders for a “breakdown of masculinity” as they watched on while a woman was being assaulted on a New York City subway.

Footage shows a deranged passenger in a white hoodie and tights sitting down next to the victim.

Commuters began sliding away from the passenger as he sits down, except for one woman who tried to leave but is grabbed by the hair and yanked back down into the seat nearby.

The woman immediately appeared in distress and, at one point, appeared to mime “please help me” with her lips to bystanders on the train.

“The guys in this carriage, as far as I can see, just sort of either watched on or stared into their devices and just hoped it would sort of go away,” Mr Murray told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“There’s a deeper point to this – it’s not just a breakdown in law and order – it’s also the breakdown in masculinity.”

“When a woman is being assaulted on a carriage and if there’s are a bunch of men and they just stand by – that’s just demasculinised people – it’s just shocking.”Read More

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