Chris Brown Says His Relationship Status Is “Single With A Girlfriend”


Chris Brown is a man of many talents–one of them being his ability to keep everybody on their toes about his relationship status. The father of two is not shy about showing love to the ladies he holds dear to him on the ‘gram, especially the mother of his son, Ammika.

Chris and Ammika’s relationship has always been somewhat of a whirlwind for us to figure out because one day they’re all over each other’s social media, and the next day they’re throwing cryptic subliminal messages at one another. Chris, however, tried to clear up his current relationship status, but it seems like he just made us even more confused.

Chris sat down with Justin Combs and Justin LaBoy for the premiere episode of their “Respectfully Justin” show and the very first question they asked him definitely threw him for a loop. LaBoy let Chris know that as part of the game, he would have to take a shot if he chose not to answer any given question, and lets just say Breezy was ready to get lit.

“CB, the ladies wanna know, are you single?” Justin asked, to which Chris replied “I’m single with a girlfriend.”


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Now, we’re not really sure what that oxymoron means, and Chris Brown himself may not know either because he decided to take a shot instead of explaining himself. Regardless, some of our Roommates tried to help us out with an explanation!

“Basically he’s in an open relationship where HE can do whatever he wants but SHE is still his gf and is likely expected to maintain the monogamy on her end lane. The amount of women that are willingly in relationships with single men is beyond me,” one woman wrote.

If you or anyone you know can interpret Chris Brown’s relationship status, hit us up!

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