5 causes of watery semen


Your semen should not look like water.

When a man ejaculates, the fluid that comes out of his urethra is semen.

Semen contains sperm and other liquid from the prostate gland. Normal semen ought to be is thick and white like Nigerian pap.

A watery might signal other fertility issues.

Here are some causes of watery sperm;

1. Frequent masturbation and sex

Frequent masturbation and sex reduce the quality of the sperm. Men require some hours after ejaculation to recuperate if they expect normal semen.

2. Low sperm count

A man has a low sperm count when his semen has a small amount of sperm. Low sperm count is caused by infections, tumours, hormonal imbalances and swelling of veins in his testicles.

3. Pre-ejaculation

Sometimes, it is not semen that comes out but pre-ejaculation or precum. Precum is a more clear liquid that typically contains few sperm cells.

4. Zinc deficiency

A zinc deficiency is not good for your men’s sexual health. Certain antibodies fight and reduce sperm cells, zinc supplements help resist these anti-sperm antibodies.

5. Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices like smoking, stress, consuming a lot of carbonated drinks and lack of exercise can affect the quality of your semen.

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